Our Goal

Our goal with South Florida Cornhole is to continue to grow and bring more cornhole tournaments, weekly leagues, locations, charity/fundraiser tournaments, products, and of course friendships to South Florida and surrounding areas. We have everything we need right here in sunny South Florida! And we are proud to help build and grow support for our friends and community. We are South Florida Cornhole, and #ursouthfloridacornhole! #time2play

Our Story

It’s amazing what a small group of dedicated and committed friends with a huge addiction to cornhole can do! We would play everyday if we could, and this is our endeavor to do exactly that! Throw every day! The friendships we have grown locally, regionally and throughout the country are overwhelming. And as we find ourselves traveling more and more, farther and farther, we wanted to help bridge the gap of competitive cornhole down to an already impressive group of players in South Florida!

Our Road to the ACO World Championships in 2015