10 Week League – Thursday Night Blind Draw Cornhole Rankings – Bags fly at 7:30pm

Weekly Tournament Details

There are cash prizes every tournament and the payouts depend on the amount of players.


  • $10/player if playing to earn league points
  • $4 per player each week goes towards CASH pot for end of season Champsionship
  • Top points leader receives $50 Gift card to Pirates Well
  • ELIGIBILITY: Must play a minimum 4 weeks
  • CHAMPIONSHIPS: Singles & Doubles Tourneys: 50% of season cash pot goes toward each tourney – Top 3 payout: 50%, 30% 20% in each tourney
  • Singles Tourney: (seeded based on season rankings)
  • Doubles Tourney: (Top half of singles tourney results will be A Player Captains. Captains will blind draw pick from bottom half of singles play results. No 2 A players will team up. No A player will be a walker.
  • For league points to count we must have at least 7 teams
  • The weekly tourney is mixed with league & non-league players

New Point System:

Based on ACL (American Cornhole League)

  • Show up: 4 points
  • Each Win in the Winners Bracket: 4 points
  • Each Win in the Losers Bracket: 2 points
View ACL Player Guide

View ACL Player Guide at http://www.iplaycornhole.com/playerguide